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Meeting with C&MD, WBPDCL and CEC, EWF ended on 06.02.2013

Meeting with C&MD, WBPDCL and CEC, EWF ended on 06.02.2013 with fruitful and cordial manner.

The following points were discussed in the meeting.

  1. Introduction of improved Security system in all power plant area: Present security system is in the alarming stage. It needs to be improved on a short term and long term basis. C&MD gives his consent to our proposal and will be looking into it on an emergency basis.
  2. Present Status of formation of Vigilance Cell:
    Discussion made with the above subject and it will be formed as soon as external chief vigilance officer is selected.
  3. Promotional Policy: CPS should be awarded in every 4 yrs interval as per present industrial practice. He will sincerely look into the matter.
  4. Allowances: Following points were successfully discussed.
    • Dearness Allowance with arrear to be disbursed as soon as possible.
    • Economy Class Air Fare for class-I officers should be provided at par present industrial status.
    • Special allowance should be revised as follows:Attendance allowance: attendance>=15days<=20 days allowance should be revised to Rs.2000. attendance>=21 days allowance should be revised to Rs.3000.Night shift allowanceshould be 1% of basic pay per night shift and the minimum 05 nights bar is to be omitted.Conveyance Allowanceto be increased from Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/- per month due to the increase of all modes of transport.Profitability linked Exgratia:Profitability linked Exgratia to be paid to the employee with 70% attendance calculated on yearly basis and it will be disbursed as per basic pay. In case of no profit, no profitability linked exgratia is to be paid. To be further discussion is necessary.Incentive: Incentive is absent since long. It is to be started as early as possible without any delay. He is positive about the subject and necessary process to be got through.
  5. ED (Project) & ED(O&M) Postsshould be filled up as early as possible. He has noted the point.
  6. PB-4 scale is to be restructured as per GoWB. He will look into the matter.
  7. Latest status of legal arbitration with M/s DEC. It is under observation. WBPDCL is not getting any benefit from this arbitration and we losing OEM support. To be discussed in the appropriate level for future course of action.
  8. Miscellaneous:Township infrastructuresequipped with up to the mark Hospital (with X-Ray, Lab. facility), School & Market are to be developed in each site.(Specially in STPS, SgTPP & BkTPP sites). He gives his consent for such improvement.Synchronisation of duty timefor Engineers & Staffs working in General Shift inside the plants and Officers & Staffs working in HR & A and F & A in different Plant Locations as it is in other Central / State PSUs.C&MD has agreed the logical views of us and informed that he will see the matter.BSNL CUGto be changed to AIRTEL CUG as per INDIAN RAILWAY, BHEL etc. for better service. CUG service is to be provided up to Asstt. Manager( in charge) Level. C & MD has noted the point.Thanks to all.

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